Are You Feeling Stressed Out and Having a Tough Time Getting a Great Night’s Sleep?

“You’re About To Discover a Unique and Proven Method to ‘Color’ Your Way Into a Blissful and Restful Night’s Sleep That's Both Fun & Relaxing!” 

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“Don’t Let Your Lack of Sleep Slip Into a Vicious Cycle That Can Wreck 

Your Happiness and Health. Now There’s a Natural Solution That 

Doesn’t Involve Medications!” 

“YOU Are Not Alone In Your Sleep Problems…”

Did you know that over 2/3 of all women associate their sleep problems with stress? 


It’s true. 


Sleep is the most restorative function of the human body, and when it’s disrupted on a regular basis, it can be detrimental to your own mood, health, lifestyle, and just about everything else in between 

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“When stress is at the root of sleep problems, it can further create even more stress in your life. This then becomes a very vicious cycle that can be very tough to break…” 

When lack of sleep plagues your life, you’ll start to notice all kinds of unhealthy repercussions take place including… 


• Lack of mental clarity and overall focus 

• Lack of physical energy and personal vitality 

• Feelings of moodiness, irritability, and even depression 

• Poor decision making and less productivity 


And here is what’s even scarier… 


Lack of sleep can set you up for all types of serious health issues including heart disease, diabetes, high blood pressure, and many more problems! And this doesn’t even take into account what it can do to your family life, personal life, and even your sex life! 

“So What’s The Best Solution For a Great Night’s Sleep?”

By now if you’ve tried looking for a solution to help you get a good night’s sleep and get yourself back into a healthy sleep cycle, you’ve probably come upon several so called sleep “solutions”. 


But you need to be careful… 


There are several options to try, including herbal supplements and even prescription medications. But the problem with all of these types of solutions can be the cost and most of all…the side effects or interactions they can have with your current medications. 

“Relying on a pill or supplement to get a good night’s sleep is simply unnatural and goes against what your body really needs…”

When it comes to sleep problems and stress, the ultimate “trigger” to your lack of sleep is your MIND. Getting your mind to calm down, to stop racing, and to relax is at the very core of the problem. 


“One of the best ways to get your mind to calm down, and to become at peace is to do something that doesn't involve exercise. It doesn’t involve taking medications or sitting for hours in meditation either.” 


In fact, it’s something that is so simple, and something you most likely did as a child…and now it’s becoming one of THE go-to solutions for not only stress reduction but also to help people finally get the best sleep of their lives. 


So what is this solution? 




Remember when you were young how you’d love to color, and how relaxing and “in the moment” you felt when doing it? Nothing has changed. The only thing that has changed is that coloring has remained in your childhood. 


“Now it’s time to bring coloring back into your life to help ‘reset’ your brain, to combat stress, and to FINALLY help you get a great night’s sleep!” 


But you may be wondering…HOW does coloring actually work to improve sleep? 


It’s pretty simple really. If you think about meditation, a person sits in silence simply observing their thoughts and being “in the moment” or in the NOW. The same holds true for integrating mindfulness into one’s life. 


“When you’re not living in the past or in the future in your mind… then you are only left with this moment.” 


When you are in this moment only, stress can subside because the majority of stress and worry is either based in the past, or based on the future. Not in this moment. 


“That’s why extreme athletes and those who meditate truly ‘feel alive’…

because they are simply living in the moment.” 


The same thing happens when you are focused doing one thing…like coloring. 

And now, you too can experience the joy, the creativity, and the utter relaxation coloring can bring into your life. 

Introducing The Sleep Miracle: A Coloring eBook and Guide To Sleeping Well Every Single Night! 


In this new guide, I’ve taken the element of coloring to a new level to help you sleep, but have also included many additional tips and vital information to help you get the best sleep of your life! 


“Now everything you need, including coloring exercises, tips and advice, and much more is all put together for you in one amazing ebook!” 

The Sleep Miracle is MUCH MORE than 

just another adult color ebook… 




Sleep Miracle Coloring Ebook

What sets this unique ebook apart from the other hundreds of adult coloring books hitting the market is that this ebook is centrally focused on improving sleep


The majority of this ebook covers many of the common causes and reasons why you’re not getting the best sleep of your life, how you can create the right environment to help induce sleep, and even takes a look at unique supplements and the role your Circadian Rhythm plays with your entire ability to sleep. 


At the end of the book you’ll discover some of the most unique and calming coloring exercises you can use ALONG with the information provided to you in the first part of the book to get a great night’s sleep! 

The formula is very simple with The Sleep Miracle… 


Vital Sleep Information + Relaxing Coloring Pages = 




“The Sleep Miracle is truly a one-of-a-kind ebook that can finally help you naturally break the cycle of insomnia or restless nights for good!” 


Here’s a closer look at the table of contents inside this breakthrough sleep ebook… 

The Sleep Miracle Table of Contents 



Part I: The Science of Sleep 

  • About Sleep and Why Getting Enough Is So Important 
  • Circadian Rhythms and Sleep 
  • Common Causes of Insomnia and Poor Sleep 
  • What You Need to Know about Supplements 
  • Nutritional Factors Impacting Sleep 


Part II: Practical Tips for Achieving Sound Sleep Every Night 

  • Optimizing Your Environment For Sleep 
  • How To Handle Waking Up in the Night 
  • Getting Your Circadian Rhythms Back on Track 
  • Creating and Sticking To a Bedtime Routine 
  • Resources 


 Part III: Coloring 

  • The Benefits of Coloring 
  • Coloring Pages (which you can reprint over and over!)


References Cited 


 “Right Now You Have A Big Choice To Make…” 

You can either continue down the path of restless and sleepless nights that end up wrecking your life, your energy, and so much more. This is no way to live. Getting the right amount of a great night’s sleep is CRITICAL to your own sanity, personal well-being, and your health! 


In fact, sleep deprivation can end up causing you lost days at work, not being as productive as you should be (or being there fully for your friends or family)…or even worse, major health issues. These health issues can then end up costing you thousands of wasted dollars in treatments that could easily be prevented if you could simply just get a good night’s rest…every single night. 


But the good news is, now not only can you get full access to a DRUG FREE method and helpful information to help you sleep naturally every night, you’ll also have fun doing it! 


But That's Not All! 

BONUS ($14.99 Value)

Right now with your purchase you get the Sleep Miracle Guided Mediation and Sleep Affirmations. 

The guided sleep meditation audio e eases insomnia and incorages deep, restorative sleep by creating a feeling of safety and support, with images that are c calming enough to successfully compete with the internal brain chatter that pevents us from sleeping. 

The Sleep Miracle coloring ebook is now available to you for a simple one-time investment of

 $14.99 $34.99


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I’m confident that once you apply the tips, advice and fun coloring exercises that you’ll discover in this jam-packed ebook, you’ll begin to see your stress melt away, and your normal sleep cycle will return. 



Kelly Bejelly 

A Girl Worth Saving 


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The complete book is 83 pages long and packed full of info to help you understand how your sleep cycle and circadian rhythm works and you are given clear, actionable steps to take in your daytime and nighttime routines to give you better sleep every single night


No, This is an ebook that come in a pdf format. 



You have a full 30 days to read this information and if you’re not 100% satisfied that you have received “Sleep Transforming Information” then contact me for a full refund. 


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